Scotiabank Credit Card, Value Visa Card, Scotiabank Rewards

Scotiabank Credit Card - Scotiabank Credit Cards Overview

Scotiabank offers debit and credit cards, personal and business loans, insurance coverage and investment instruments, and a lot more. The bank features a wide selection of cards, from low interest and no fee to student, cashback, and travel cards.

Scotiabank Credit Card

To offer the best credit cards Canada based issuers such as Scotiabank advertise different extras and beneficial features, including travel rewards, annual fee waivers, competitive rates, concierge service, and others. Customers are offered access to exclusive experiences, fine dining, luxury hotels, and more. In Canada best credit card options feature attractive offers, access to boutique hotels, exclusive entertainment and sports offers, and special wine and food events. With Scotiabank credit cards, customers also benefit from advance screenings, reserved tickets for special events and live performances, comprehensive insurance coverage, and cash back.

Scotiabank Credit Card Application

Once you get approved for a card by Scotiabank activate credit card by entering your ScotiaLine, Visa, or American Express number. This can be done by phone and online and takes a couple of minutes. Customers are also free to order supplementary cards for their relatives. They are asked to submit a request form and fill in details such as occupation, address, and relationship to the primary holder.

Scotiabank Online Banking

Scotiabank Mobile offers mobile banking and apps that allow customers to view messages, send money through Western Union, receive and send e-transfers, and review pending transactions. The app also allows holders to transfer funds and track transactions in their investing, borrowing, business banking, and other accounts.Learn VISA card

Student Credit Card

Scotiabank offers student credit cards and lines of credit to help students build credit. The bank offers two Scotia credit card options, the SCENE and L'earn Visa cards. The SCENE Visa card features rewards points that can be redeemed toward music, movies, and other items and a complementary welcome bonus worth 4 free movies. This is a good option to transfer existing balances from high interest, retail, gas, and other types of cards and allows holders to pay gas, phone, and other utility bills, medical bills, premiums, daily and large purchases, and so on. With student credit cards Canada customers also benefit from credit card checks, no annual fee, cash back, and rental discounts. Another option is to apply for the Scotiabank student line of credit which is extended to residents and citizens. Students who are enrolled in an apprenticeship, certificate, diploma, or degree program meet the requirements. Customers benefit from high annual limits and deferred principal payments.

Scotiabank Secured Credit Card

In addition to credit cards, customers are also offered the Scotiabank debit Visa card as well as student, savings, and checking accounts. There are different solutions depending on the number of teller-assisted transactions made and the total transactions on a weekly basis. Some accounts feature mobile and online banking, cash back on card purchases, movie and hockey rewards, and personalized checks.

Scotiabank Rewards

Scotia rewards travel cards offer attractive rewards, including travel and travel platinum cards. Scotia travel rewards go with flexible redemption options, discounts, and travel benefits. Discounts are offered on cruise packages, vacations, airfare, accommodation, upgrades, and car rentals. There are Scotia rewards cards with exclusive travel benefits, cash back on cruise packages, pre-package tours, and airfare, and competitive rates. The Scotia rewards travel service offers exclusive benefits with points to be redeemed toward merchandise, gift certificates, and cash. Travel credit cards feature concierge service that allows customers to book tennis and ski lessons, floral delivery, and hotel accommodation, make restaurant reservations, and get access to exclusive sports, music, and other events. Cardholders are free to travel with no seat or other restrictions.

The Bank of Nova Scotia offers several travel cards, including Scotiabank Rewards Visa Card, ScotiaGold Passport Visa, and American Express and Gold American Express cards. Platinum cards are also available and offer a wide range of added benefits, including a welcome bonus of 30,000 rewards points with the first purchase. Cardholders are offered priority access to global events, the option to earn points 4 times faster, exclusive access to airport loungers, and other benefits.

Other Scotiabank Cards

Existing and new customers are offered a selection of no annual fee, cashback, low interest, and specialty cards. Specialty cards and balance transfer options are also available. Some products go with a rate of 1.99 percent during the introductory period. The bank also offers specialty cards such as the ScotiaHockey NHL Visa Card which features hockey rewards points, discounts on NHL purchases, and affordable rates. Hockey points can be redeemed for VIP NHL events, game tickets, and NHL merchandise.

Scotia Momentum VISA* Infinite Card

Top Ranked Cash Back Credit Card of 2014

Maximum Cash Back on Everyday Spending

  • 4% on eligible gas station and grocery store purchases
  • 2% on drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
Scotia Momentum VISA* Infinite Card

Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA* card

Cash Back on Everyday Spending

  • 1% on eligible gas station, grocery store and drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 0.5% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • 7.99% introductory rate on purchases for the first 6 months
Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA card

Scotiabank Value VISA* card

Low Rate, Save hundreds of dollars a year

  • Low 11.99% interest rate
  • 0.99% interest rate on cash advances and balance transfers for the first six months
  • Pay down balances faster
  • Simplify your monthly payments
  • 20% AVIS rental card discount
Scotiabank Value VISA card

L'earn VISA* card

Student Cash Back, No Fee

  • Earn up to 1% Moneyback every year on the purchases you've made with your card
  • Accelerated Moneyback reward program designed with students in mind
  • 20% discount rates at Avis Car Rental
  • No annual fee
Learn VISA card

ScotiaHockey NHL VISA* card

Choose Your Favourite Team Card

  • 3,000 bonus ScotiaHockey Rewards points
  • Earn one ScotiaHockey Rewards point for every dollar you spend on the card
  • Earn five points for every dollar you spend at SportChek and
  • Redeem points for high end NHL or brand name merchandise, VIP NHL event experiences and more.
  • Save 20% off purchases at the NHL's official online store
ScotiaHockey NHL VISA card

No-Fee Scotiabank Value VISA* card

Low Rate, No Annual Fee; Save hundreds of dollars a year

  • 16.99% interest rate
  • Pay down balances faster
  • Simplify your monthly payments
  • 20% AVIS rental card discount
  • No Annual Fee
  • 3.99% interest rate on cash advances and balance transfers for the first six months
No Fee Scotiabank Value VISA card


Get Free Movies and More

  • 2,000 bonus SCENE points - that's two free movies
  • Earn one SCENE point for every dollar you spend
  • Earn five SCENE points for every dollar you spend at participating Cineplex Entertainment theatre or online at
  • Redeem points for free movies at Cineplex Entertainment theatres, music and other entertainment rewards
  • No annual fee
  • 20% AVIS rental card discount

Scotiabank American Express Card

Travel Rewards Card

  • Earn 5,000 bonus points with your first Card purchase
  • Earn 2x Scotia Rewards points for every $1 you spend at eligible gas stations, grocery stores, on dining and entertainment
  • Take advantage of up to 25% off car rentals with over 125 companies around the globe
Scotiabank American Express Card